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  • The BBB Cycling Sniper is a very powerful, lightweight and compact USB rechargeable headlight. 
    The two super powerful XML-U2 CREE LED's produce 1200 lumen, making it one of the brightest lights in our assortment. 
    It is seeing and being seen with the Sniper. The great advantage of the sniper lies in the internal battery and remote control. 
    Thanks to the TightFix bracket the light is easy to mount on standard and oversized handlebar diameters.
    The Sniper also features a waterproof casing with Airflow Cooling System so there is an optimal heat control. 
    This light has a handy remote control so you can operate the light without taking your hands off the handlebar. 
    This switch (connected to a cable and plug to the light) can be mounted directly next to your grips, so you can control the lights without losing control over your handlebar.

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