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Endura Performance Bar

  • Dates    67%
  • Almonds    14%
  • Chia seeds    10%
  • Pepitas    5%
  • Coconut    4%
  • Antioxidants (non-GMO soybean oil, mixed tocopherols).


Serving suggestion:

Consume one bar daily before, during orafter exercise


  • Raw Natural Energy to Burn 
    Endura Performance Bars combine high quality carbohydrates with protein for fast energy, improved endurance and enhanced performance. A convenient source of natural energy, these delicious raw wholefood bars are easy to digest and absorb and are gluten, lactose and chocolate free (no melting, no mess).

    Before, During and After
    These nutritious bars contain 33 g of fast release carbohydrates and are formulated with a pliable consistancy making it easy to handle and consume during exercise, or as a nutritious source of fuel during recovery. Endura Performance Bars are the perfect energy bar to assist performance and recovery and are suitable for before, during and after exercise.

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