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Each dose (4.0 g) contains:

  • Magnesium amino acid chelate (Meta Mag® - Magnesium diglycinate)    1.6 g
  • Equiv. elemental MAGNESIUM    163 mg
  • Sodium chloride    446 mg
  • Equiv. elemental SODIUM    176 mg
  • Calcium amino acid chelate    210 mg
  • Equiv. elemental CALCIUM    42 mg
  • Potassium citrate    185 mg
  • Equiv. elemental POTASSIUM    67 mg

#Free From: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Lactose, Eggs, Nuts and Yeast. No added Artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.




If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.



Take 1 level scoop in 350 - 600 mL of water;

For exercise rehydration:
Before, during or after exercise as required.

For the relief of muscular cramps and spasms:
Twice daily.

For everyday hydration and physical work demands:
Once daily or as required.

Take up to four doses per day.

Or take as directed by a healthcare professional.


  • When to Consider Endura Rehydration Low Carb Fuel
    Endura Rehydration Low Carb Fuel is a refreshing low carb rehydration formula to replace essential electrolytes lost during sweat and physical activity, support exercise performance, assist in the prevention of muscular cramps and spasms and relieve aches and pain. This formula is great for those who are calorie conscious, or on specific sports conditioning programs, or just seeking daily hydration.

    Separating Hydration and Carbohydrate Sources
    Not only does the extended Endura Rehydration Fuel range allow hydration customisation; athletes can now separate their hydration and energy (carbohydrate) sources such as Endura Rehydration Low Carb Fuel with Endura Sports Energy Gels.

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