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Barrra 2.8m plastic Recreation kayak for 1 person - Perfect for people new to kayaking!

The same shape as the Bass, but the inclusion of a moulded-in keel makes for easier straight line tracking which makes it very popular with novice paddlers. 

Because the Barra is extra wide it has great stability, and the inclusion of rocker makes it easy to turn. An integrated keel helps novice paddlers keep the Barra on a straight course and the extra large cockpit allows for a safe "wet exit" in the unlikely event of a capsize ... Great peace of mind when children are using it! 

The Barra is suitable for use by larger adults (130+kg) and smaller children (from 6 years old), and is great for hire fleets where maximum time on the water and minimum maintenance are of utmost importance. 

The seat in the Barra is super comfortable so that you can paddle (and fish) for hours and the backrest folds forward to access storage space behind the seat... Perfect for a day or overnight trip. 

The Barra is fast becoming Australia's new favourite kayak, as it has all the great features of our market leading Bass, but it is even easier to use. 

Try it out today and see for yourself!


Barra Specifications:
Length:  2.8m  
Width:  77cm  
Depth:  32cm  
Cockpit:  55 x 91 cm 
Weight:  18kg  
Capacity:  130kg (Depending on water conditions) 

Kayak - Barra Recreation Kayak

  • Barra 2.8m kayak is very stable and suitable for people new to kayaking. Will take up to 130kg. Great for fishing.

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