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Cuttlefish 4.3 metre 2-Person Sit-on-Top - Maintenance Free Family Fun

The Cuttlefish is a 4.3 metre sit-on-top that can be safely and easily used by 1 or 2 adults, or a couple of adults and kids (up to the total weight capacity). 

Suitable for use on flat water, the Cuttlefish can also be taken into small surf. "Kiss-offs " are moulded into the hull to provide structural support, as well as allowing water to drain through quickly should a wave come over the top. 

The concave-shaped bow creates lift over waves, chop and swell, whilst the integrated keel helps to keep the Cuttlefish on a straight course and gives extra control when riding down waves. 

The seat wells of the Cuttlefish are a little wider than most so that they are more comfortable for larger people and even allow a child to safely sit between mum or dad's legs. 

Decklines down both sides of the Cuttlefish give numerous points to grab onto from the water, and super strong stainless steel bars moulded into the hull allow an optional backrest to be attached quickly and easily. There is storage space within the hull that is accessible through extra large rubber "pop-on" hatches. 

Whether you are out to catch a wave with a mate, or just paddling to your favourite picnic spot, the Cuttlefish will make your family day in the sun, a little bit more fun! 

2 Powerblade Double paddles are included in the price.

Cuttlefish Specifications:
Length:  4.3m  
Width:  80cm  
Depth:  30cm  
Weight:  28kg  
Hatches:  Front - 18cm round 
                Rear - 41 x 23cm oval  
Weight Capacity:  260kg (Depending on water conditions)

Kayak - Cuttlefish Sit-on-Top

  • Cuttlefish 4.3m plastic sit-on-top suitable for 1 or 2 adults. Can be used on flat water or in small surf.

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