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The Funyak junior kayak is built for FUN! 

For nearly 15 years, our Funyak was the most popular kayak for smaller paddlers so we decided to make some improvements and make it even more user friendly.

The Funyak hull is still wide providing exceptional stability, although there is a small amount of lateral rocker to assist when turning. The integrated keel has also been retained, to help paddlers keep the Funyak on a straight course with ease. 

The Funyak is designed for use on flat water only and very stable so it is suitable for smaller paddlers (children or adults up to 75kgs).

A standard Australis seat with an angle adjustable backrest replaces the moulded-in seat making your paddling experience much more comfortable. The adjusting backrest also allows easy access to storage space in the rear, and you can upgrade your Funyak with the storage pod option. 

Whatever the adventure, smaller paddlers will find that they can do it with ease in a Funyak! 

Funyak Specifications:
Length:  2.53m
Width:  64cm
Depth:  31cm 
Cockpit:  50 x 86 cm 
Weight:  15kg 
Capacity:  75kg (Depending on water conditions)

Kayak - Funyak Junior Kayak

  • Funyak 2.53m junior kayak with real kayak features. Suitable for children and small adults up to 75kg. 

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