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Gecko 4.4m compact sea kayak is very fast and manoeuvrable and will easily handle the open ocean. Two storage areas and decklines are standard.

The multi-chined hull delivers speed, a tight "turning circle" (the Gecko will turn in its own length!), and secondary stability when rolling and bracing. 

The Gecko has a "flap" steering system that quickly and easily adjusts for people of different heights and gives a firm platform to brace against when paddling; no need to keep sliding footrests parallel to go in a straight line! 

The controls for lifting and lowering the traditional drop-over rudder of the Gecko are located beside the paddler for safety and stability. 

Foam bulkheads in the Gecko provide additional floatation and create dry-store areas in the front and rear of the kayak. Access to your gear is via easy to remove and replace rubber "push-on" hatches. 

Producing all of the moves that experienced paddlers require, whilst nurturing the learning experiences of people new to sea kayaking, the Gecko is fast becoming the preferred sea kayak of smaller paddlers! 

Gecko Specifications:
Length:  4.4m
Width:  62cm
Depth:  34cm  
Cockpit:  50 x 86cm
Weight:  24kg  
Hatches:  Front - 18cm round 
                Rear - 41 x 23cm oval  
Dry Storage:  Front - 50 litres
                      Rear - 85 litres 
Capacity:  140kg (Depending on water conditions)  

Kayak - Gecko Sea Kayak

  • Gecko 4.4m compact sea kayak. Small sea kayak that will easily handle the open ocean. Very fast and manoeuvrable, with a hull that provides secondary stability. Two storage areas and decklines are standard.