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Illusion 4.3m plastic sit-on for 1 person that is long and slender but quite stable, making it the "Ultimate Paddling Machine". 

The Illusion is ideal for adding variety in any fitness routine and has earned a reputation as the "Ultimate Paddling Machine". It can be used as a Cross-Training alternative to Running, Swimming or Bike Riding, and because paddling is a low impact, total-body workout, the Illusion is perfect for maintaining fitness levels at times when injury prevents usual training methods. 

The Illusion has been designed to perform in surf as well as on flat water, and comes complete with a moulded-in wave deflector that helps with lift over chop and swell and a rudder and adjustable footrest assembly, to make your paddling experience even more enjoyable.

Styled more along the lines of a surf ski than a traditional sit-on-top, the intermediate length makes it suitable for paddling some distance whilst still being short enough to move and turn on waves. 

There is storage within the hull that can be accessed through 2 rubber "pop-on" hatches on the deck, as well as external storage on the rear deck. 

Great for people who want the performance of a compact sea kayak but prefer to sit-on-top, the Illusion is the most versatile and comfortable ski, no matter what the shape of the paddler!! 

So, if you are looking for a high performance sit-on-top, capable of covering longer distances comfortably that is also suitable for catching a few waves, the Illusion is just what you are looking for!! 

Rudder and Banjo Aluminium standard paddle included in the price of the Illusion.


Illusion Specifications:  
Length:  4.3m  
Width:  62cm  
Depth:  22cm  
Weight:  23kg  
Hatches:  Front - 18cm round 
               Rear - 18cm round 
Capacity: 110kg (Depending on water conditions)

Kayak - Illusion Sit-on-Top

  • Illusion 4.3m sit-on-top kayak. Smaller and more stable than an Iron-Man ski. Great performer that can be used for fitness training/distance paddling, as well as in the ocean / surf.

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