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The Komodo is a modular plastic sea kayak that easily transforms from a double to a single and back again!! 

The Komodo is the most innovative and versatile sea kayak in the world. It quickly and easily converts from a double expedition sea kayak to a single and back again. 

Essentially comprised of 3 parts (where you can add a middle pod to convert a single to a double), the slenderness of the Komodo provides for a quick and smooth ride, whilst still being surprisingly stable. The extra length between the cockpits means an end to clashing paddles. 

Loading and transporting is made easier by breaking a Komodo double into 2 halves. Instead of having to struggle to lift a kayak weighing 50+ kg, the Komodo easily splits into 2 pieces, each weighing approximately 25kg. As each half is only 3.7 metres long, there is no more illegal overhang. 

So, whether you need heaps of storage space for your next trip around Australia (by water), or you require the flexibility of being able to accommodate that occasional extra crew member, the Komodo is the sea kayak that can change to suit your requirements. 

* Australis recommends that the Komodo only be used as a single or double. Adding more than 2 centre crew pods can place tremendous strain on the rudder/steering system. 


Komodo Specifications:  

Assembled Double Komodo:  
Length:  7.4m  
Weight:  55kg
Width:  62cm  
Depth:  34cm  
Cockpits:  50 x 86cm  
Capacity:  380kg (Depending on water conditions)  

Kayak - Komodo Sea Kayak - Double

  • Iguana 4.9m single modular sea kayak. Comprised of a front, middle and rear pod, the Iguana can be stored and transported in pieces and can be assembled in minutes.

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