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Pelagic 4.3m large volume sit-on-top for 1 person - Roomy - Stable - Fast - Manoeuvrable. 

The Pelagic is a 4.3m robust, large volume sit-on-top kayak suitable for people of all sizes, or just those who just want to be able to take a huge amount of gear. 

Designed and made in Australia, the Pelagic has an extra wide comfortable seat, extra long foot wells (to accommodate taller paddlers) and an extra large rear storage well with cargo straps. 

There are many features as standard including kiss offs in the hull to provide structural support and allow water to drain through quickly, thick (6mm) decklines front and rear to secure cargo or to grab onto from the water, a small storage pod between the knees and a large oval hatch to access internal storage space in the front. Hand toggles located at each end of the Pelagic make for easy 2 person carrying, and the hand strap on the side enables it to be carried by one person. 

The wide bow of the Pelagic gives greater surface area and volume to help it to lift in rough/choppy conditions rather than spear and bury. 

If you are looking for a larger volume sit-on-top for 1 person, check out the Pelagic today!

Suitable for enclosed water, as well as the open ocean. 

Powerblade Double paddle included in price.

Pelagic Statistics:
Length:  4.3m (14'1") - no rudder 
              4.4m (14'5") - with rudder  
Width:  77cm 
Depth:  33cm  
Weight:  28kg 
Weight Capacity:  230kg (Depending on water conditions) 
Front Hatch:  41 x 23 cm oval 
Rear Storage Well:  98 x 43cm (Will take either a milk crate, 60L esky, 30L screw top drum or dive tank) 

Kayak - Pelagic Sit-on-Top

  • Pelagic 4.3m large volume sit-on-top kayak for people of all sizes or those who want to take a huge amount of gear. Great for fishing or just paddling. Available with or without a rudder, as standard or in a fishing package.

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