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Platypus 4.3m Traditional Flat Water Touring Kayak that "Paddles like a Dream".

The Platypus is a single person kayak that has been designed specifically for touring on protected waterways. 

The cockpit is positioned at the widest part of the Platypus for maximum stability and tapers down to a needle shaped nose that cuts through the water. The long sleek hull lends itself to speedy acceleration and excellent tracking, making the Platypus ideal for covering longer distances with ease. 

There is a bulkhead sealed storage section in the rear of the Platypus that will take the smallest payload, perhaps just your lunch and a drink, but with enough space to carry the essentials that you would require to camp overnight. 

Although "traditional" in looks, the performance of the Platypus on lakes and flat water rivers is just amazing. Take it for a paddle and see for yourself why we can say that the Platypus "Paddles like a Dream"! 

The Platypus is available with or without a rudder it is great for paddling on protected waterways, such as rivers, lakes and estuaries. 


Platypus Specifications:
Length:  4.3m  
Width:  60cm  
Depth:  32cm
Cockpit:  50 x 86cm 
Weight:  22kg  
Hatch:  Rear - 41 x 23cm oval  
Dry Storage:  Rear - 60 litres 
Capacity:  120kg (Depending on water conditions)  

Kayak - Platypus Flat Water Touring Kayak

  • Platypus 4.3m flat water touring kayak has a large storage area as standard. Upgrade with an optional rudder. Will take people up to 120kg.