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The Squid is a 3.0m Sit-on-Top kayak for one person - great performance with hatches and loads of storage 

The Squid is a robust sit-on-top that can be used by children as young as 8 years of age and will accommodate larger adults, up to 130 kilograms. 

The tapered bow of the Squid will lift over rather than push through water and maintains effortless gliding when you stop paddling. A moulded-in keel keeps the Squid on a straight course and the wide hull gives supreme stability - Some people sit "side saddle" dangling their legs over the edge when fishing. 

Soft chines on the bow, hard chines on the rear and the inclusion of front-to-back and lateral "rocker" mean the Squid turns faster and manoeuvres better than any other 3 metre sit-on in the market. 

"Kiss-offs" in the hull of the Squid provide structural support and allow water to drain through quickly. 6mm decklines down each side of the Squid give numerous points to grab onto from the water. 

The storage area within the hull of the Squid is accessed through 2 rubber "pop-on" hatches on the deck. These ports are so large that you can even put a 6 foot fishing rod in through the rear hatch! 

Take the Squid for a paddle yourself and see why we can say "the Squid is the best performing 3 metre sit-on available in Australia"! 

Powerblade Double paddle is included in the price.


Squid Specifications:
Length:  3.0m (9'11") 
Width:  76cm 
Depth:  28cm 
Weight:  20kg 
Capacity:  130kg (Depending on water conditions) 
Hatches:  Front - 18cm round 
               Rear - 41 x 23cm oval  


Kayak - Squid Sit-on-Top

  • Squid 3.0m sit-on-top kayak for 1 person with hatches and internal storage. Fishing packages available. 

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