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Swagman 4.65m fully open plastic canoe - A Big Toy for Big Boys. 

The Swagman is a King-size canoe designed to carry a massive amount of cargo and comes standard as a 3 seater. 

Released in 1984 in fibreglass, the Swagman was first made in plastic in 1987, when Australis Canoes converted all manufacturing processes from fibreglass to plastic. Today's Swagman retains the original hull shape of the fibreglass Australis 5, with the advantage of the durability of plastic. 

The open deck design of the Swagman gives a huge amount of room to load in your passengers, camping gear and fishing gear, whilst allowing you the flexibility to position the cargo for even weight distribution and maximum safety. 

Fishermen mostly value the Swagman's exceptional stability that, with the use of an outrigger kit, will permit you to stand up to cast or land that big fish. 

A motor bracket that attaches to the rear of the Swagman in seconds, allows you to travel long distances quickly and easily, and gives the option of a "motor boat" without the need of a trailer or boat ramp to get onto the water. 

The enormous versatility and long lasting durability of the Swagman make it exceptional value for money and will see it continue to be a favourite amongst people who require a King Size Canoe! 

Suited for use on flat water and can carry 2 - 4 people.


Swagman Specifications:  
Length:  4.65m (15'1") 
Width:  97cm  
Depth:  41cm  
Weight:  43kg  
Capacity:  300kg (Depending on water conditions)  

Kayak - Swagman Canoe

  • Swagman 4.65m plastic canadian canoe. Comes as 3 seater. Buy as canoe only or set up for fishing. Use on flat water. 

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