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Wildcat 3.7m High Volume White Water Touring Kayak

The Wildcat is the original plastic white water touring kayak designed in Australia.

Looking radically different from the white water “play boats” of today, the Wildcat is made for high volume white water touring and has storage space in both the front and the rear. 

the Wildcat is extremely responsive with exceptional turning ability for a longer boat, because the hull has rocker front-to-rear and side-to-side.

The seat has a full base for maximum structural support in the middle of the kayak. The seat is contoured for comfort and can be individualised to your shape with foam padding.

Closed cell foam pillars provide primary flotation as well as internal support in the kayak from the external forces of the water, maximising safety.  There is room at the side of the foam to store gear for overnight expeditions.

The cockpit is a large enough to easily exit if required, whilst being snug so that you can lock into the kayak to stabilise it in rough water. A generous combing gives plenty of underside area to attach the spraydeck securely.

A thigh brace holds the front pillar foam in place and helps the paddler to “lock in” to become part of the boat.

A standard “Rail & Peg” footrest assembly quickly and easily adjusts to suit people of different heights and gives a firm platform to brace against for maximum paddling efficiency.

Moulded hand toggles are located at each end of the Wildcat and make two person carrying comfortable and easy!

Wildcat Specifications:

Length:  3.7m  (12'2")

Width:   62cm  

Depth:   30cm  

Cockpit:  46 x 79 cm  

Weight:   20kg  

Capacity:  110kg (Depending on water conditions) 

Paddler Profile:  Beginner to Advanced

Recommended for:  White water up to a grade 5 rapid

Kayak - Wildcat White Water Touring Kayak

  • Wildcat 3.7m high volume white water touring kayak can handle up to grade 5 rapids and also has storage in front and rear.