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Powerblades are a robust blade made from high impact polypropylene and can take a lot of abuse. The addition of "heatshrink" provides some protection for your hands in very cold weather and the "grip" allows your right hand to immediately find the correct paddling position on the shaft.

As a double paddle, the blades are set at an angle of 70 degrees and riveted with 3/16" rivets onto the aluminium shaft (32mm outside diameter). Powerblades are a "budget" paddle that is only available on an aluminium shaft.

All Australis paddles are "double plugged" to create an air lock so that your paddle will float on top of the water.
The paddle shaft is "anodised" aluminium to protect your hands and prevent them from reacting with the aluminium and turning black.

Powerblade double paddles are also available as split paddles.

Common Lengths: 206cm & 210cm - custom sizes on request
Colour Options: Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black. 

Paddle - Powerblade Double plus Heatshrink & Grip

  • Genuine Powerblade double paddle with "heatshrink and grip" on a 32mm aluminium shaft.

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