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  • Easily fitted to the bike carrier with Adapter 9761 or outer bike by using the included straps.
  • Please note 9761 can not be used with a 970805 bike carrier, only 970003, 972000 and 974000. (Please use the straps provided for the 976AU to fit onto a 970805 bike carrier).
  • 102.5 cm width x 16cm height.

Thule 976AU Rearmount Light & Number Plate Holder

  • The only bike carrier of its kind with an ISO approved towbar coupling.


    Load Capacity Bikes 2
    Fits frame dimensions (mm) All
    Fulfils City Crash Norm yes
    Miscellaneous Adapter (976100, RRP $45.00) recommended for fitting Lightboard (976AU, RRP $145.00).
    Width (cm) 34 cm
    Load capacity (kg) 30 kg (max bike weight 15kg)
    Light Board 976 recommended yes
    TUV/euroBE approved yes
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