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  • Smoothly arched bars that fit close to the roof
  • WindDiffuser technology disturbs airflow to reduce noise and drag for improved fuel economy
  • TrailEdge design reduces aerodynamic drag by allowing clean air separation from bar
  • BoxBeam internal structure creates an exceptionally strong load bar
  • Included AcuTight Tensioning Tool indicates when the rack is safely and properly attached to vehicle
  • Upper T-track allows fast installation/removal of accessories
  • Pre-assembled bar and foot system installs quickly
  • Securely mounts to vehicle with included locks
  • Universal fit by the use of telescopic feet (50mm/side)
  • City Crash approved for 75 kg according to ISO Norm
  • Double molded plastic caps for best appearance and easy fitting
  • Using airplane technology to minimize sound and fuel consumption
  • Use the Thule Fit My Car guide to find out which roof rack fits your car
  • Part numbers available 958100, 958200, 958300, 958400 and 958500
  • 5.2 cm feet height (includes bar and end cap)
  • Cars with sun roof: Due to the racks’ low fit on the car, it may not be possible to open the sun roof when the racks are installed. Please check clearance before opening your sun roof
  • Loading Width- 958100 (70.4cm), 958200 (70.4 + 78cm), 958300 (78cm), 958400 (78 + 86.4cm) and 958500 (86.4 cm).
  • Please note that all prices exclude fitting charges.

Thule WingBar Edge Roof Rails Silver

  • The most safe and silent roof rack. Now in low fit.

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